Friday, January 10, 2014

What's Making Us Happy This Week


I'm thrilled about . I work in a community that is home to many Muslim families, so it's exciting to have superhero role model on our shelves that reflects the diversity we see every day. I can't wait to buy these trades for our teens! -Marcela

I'll second the Ms. Marvel excitement. Can't wait for February! -Renata

Like Marcela, I'm also excited about the new Ms. Marvel. Not just because of needed diversity, but because G. Willow Wilson is such a fantastic writer. I look forward to seeing what she'll bring to the table. -Tessa

I am so excited about Ms. Marvel! I can't wait to see it. -Abby


Yay! led by Christy Blanch!! -Traci

I am with Traci on this one, looking forward to participating once again in one of Christy's online courses. -Gail


I'm kind of giddy that . It will be directed by Yasoumi Umestsu, whose previous works are guilty pleasures of mine. -Jessikah


Ulysses is getting


The new Black Widow book is making me happy. Phil Noto's art is appropriately gorgeous without too much "sexy broken back" posing. -Renata


I finally started reading The Walking Dead graphic novel series, and I am loving it so far! I really like how it's not just about the horror and gore of a zombie attack, but more about the changes people go through in dealing with an on-going tragedy. -Marissa


I also started reading LockeGate, as well as season 1 of Fate/Zero over the holidays. I would definitely recommend them all!


about the Kumiho, a demon fox, and the young woman who hunts it- is reaching its apex. Link leads to the beginning for those who hate spoilers as much as I do ;) -Kat


Mushi-Shi's making me very happy this week. I watched the new OAV on Crunchyroll and it was just as wonderful as the original series. And it's now confirmed there will be a season two airing in Japan this spring, so I'm crossing all possible digits that Crunchyroll gets it, too. It'd be swell if FUNimation also released the DVDs and kept the original English dub cast (Travis Willingham = yay!), but mostly I just want to be able to watch it uninterrupted at a decent resolution so as not to disrupt the pleasant state of ahhhhhh that Ginko's encounters always seem to put me in. -Jenny


Have you guys seen ? Five teen girls fighting yetis. -Sarah


I just watched The Garden of Words by Shinkai Makoto. His last two films that I saw (5 Centimetres per Second, Children Who Chase Lost Voices) were both a little stronger on the (beautiful, beautiful) imagery than the plot, but perhaps due to the shorter length, this new work feels much tighter and cleaner. As with all his works, lovely scenery and delicate music. SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT

A quick sketch of two important things you might do in your teens: explore an interest which might develop into your life's work, and crush hard for the first time. I like that the film also shows us the adult half of the duo, who is quietly dealing with the aftereffects of bullying and depression. Some reviews on the 'net thought that their relationship was inappropriate; I choose to interpret it as a friendship between the two characters, while acknowledging that our younger protagonist has a crush. On Ms. Yukino's part, she is learning to tentatively trust people again.-Saeyong


I've been catching up on the Ultimate Comics Spiderman this week and I enjoy what Bendis is doing with Miles Morales. I still miss Peter Parker in both iterations, but I'm glad they are exploring what it might be like for someone with a different background to be Spiderman. -Mark


I am very happy to be able to see Wolf Children at one of the local theaters. at theaters across the country. The only catch is that they have to receive a certain number of registrations to be able to show it. I am very proud of my former city of Huntsville, AL because they not only reached the registration threshold, but they are also sold out! I was afraid that my new city of Memphis wasn't going to reach the threshold, but we have! -Emily


Happiness for me this week has included discovering the CW's Arrow. I haven't been much of a TV watcher for the past two or three years since ditching cable, and I tend to be very selective about the shows that I follow. The first season of Arrow recently hit Netflix and I decided to give it a chance. I normally avoid dramas of this kind but I thought, "why not, I've always liked the Green Arrow..." I was not disappointed. In fact, I've fallen for the show hard. I can't explain it...some combination of the acting and scripts have left me very satisfied. -Garrett


It's still a few months off, but this horror anthology sounds fantastic, and the bits of art that Rachel Deering has been posting on Twitter look awesome. Rachel's really talented, and she's got a great group of people contributing, so I just know this book will be amazing. -Rachel


Hilda is making me happy. I just discovered Luke Pearson's series and I am officially in love. Now I want to read the whole series and order copies of it for my library. -Sally


I was a huge fan of the Batman Beyond TV show (although they somewhat mucked about with his origins in JCLU which was weird) and I love the character of Terry being trained by a crotchety old Bruce. I look forward to seeing what they do with him and I think I'm going to rewatch the series this weekend. -Andrew S.
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