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Anime Review: Mushishi (2005-2006)

GENRE: adventure, drama, mystery, psychological, supernatural

RELEASE DATE: 2005-2006



They are neither plants nor animals. They differ from other forms of life such as the micro-organisms and the fungi. Instead they resemble the primeval body of life and are generally known as "Mushi". Their existence and appearance are unknown to many and only a limited number of humans are aware of them. Ginko is a "Mushi-shi" who travels around to investigate and find out more about the "Mushi". In the process, he also lends a helping hand to people who face problems with supernatural occurances which may be related to the "Mushi."


Recently finished this anime and I can't believe I missed out all this time!!

Each episode has its own unique story that involves a mushi incident. However, the story isn't simply about Ginko helping the people who are affected by the mushi, but it also explores many philosophicalthemes such as dealing with failures, happiness, loss of loved ones, social stigma, selfless support, etc.

Ginko is a very interesting character that I enjoy watching. He is intelligent, laidback, has a good sense of humour, loves his work and always willing to help others. His character is developed very well (his personality, his past, etc.) (love Ginko!!) Most of the characters in this anime only appear once, but the depth of their character is captured very well.

The art and scenery are beautiful and highly detailed. In terms of sound, the opening theme song is very fitting and I really like it. The background music and the voices of the characters are also done very well.

Mushishi is a very unique, beautiful and meaningful anime series. It is also entertaining and very relaxing to watch. I hope there's a second season. All in all, it is very memorable. (9.5/10)

Beautiful scenery

More scenery

one of my favourite episode

Creepy....but also a fave
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